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Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgery has been applied in modern Medicine successfully the last decade and has become the most contemporary management of the urological diseases.

In our effort for a better communication with our patients, we have elected an up to date information through the Internet regarding the management of urological diseases with the latest development of minimally invasive techniques, including the Da Vinci Robotic surgery.

Our intention is the best and most successful management of the patient in order to accomplish fast recovery, minimal postoperative pain and early return to normal activity, while reserving the standards and the principles of Surgery.

What is Endoscopic Laparoscopic and Robotic Urological Surgery?

These Minimal Invasive Techniques are developed the last 20 years,performing the operations either through the urethra or small abdominal holes(key hole surgery),obviating the need for large incisions, offering painless, bloodless and quick recovery postoperative period.

Robotic Surgery is an advanced Laparoscopic technique where the laparoscopic instruments and the 3D camera are connected with a robotic system delivering the information at the hands of the surgeon(joysticks) who is moving into the patient’s abdominal cavity the robotic arms presicely.Moreover the system offers stability since there are tremor absorbtion and 15 to 20 times field magnification offering the best visualization of the operative area.The Robotic Surgery is a safe, effective and best method for cure of the patients with urological benign and malignant diseases.

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Dr Nick P. Pardalidis
Urology Clinic Director
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